Four Editing Steps You Need to Perform On Your Manuscripts

June 25, 2020

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You are probably an aspiring children’s books author and have high hopes of one day getting published. And today, you finished writing your story and you are probably ready to submit it for valuation but wait! Here are four editorial steps that you may want to do before submitting. Yes, you actually have to know of these steps as an author as publishers will judge your manuscript based on them and we as well at Roundafire we look at these 4 elements when judging your manuscript; and they form part of the reasons why writers would have their manuscripts rejected.

1. Developmental Editing

This is the process of developing a concept or idea for your story or generally, any form of book you may wish to write and it may require research in certain instances. This is the step that the author has to go through actually as no publisher will develop an idea for you and then publish you.

2. Substantive Editing

This is where the publisher starts to get involved. Substantive editing entails an in-depth analysis of what works in your manuscript based on the following salient points:

  • plot
  • structure
  • narrative
  • characterisation and,
  • theme

3. Copy Editing (Line Editing)

This is the process of going through every line in the manuscript and editing it for grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. It also ensures consistency in writing style and tone.

4. Proofreading

This is the stage where publishers read and mark any errors in text or art (and reconciling the two) and correcting any errors that editors and authors may have missed.

So be sure to edit your manuscripts for the above steps before submitting your manuscript as this will show your level of professionalism.

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