How Reading Can Help Your Child Thrive

June 25, 2020

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From the time your kids are born, reading is extremely beneficial to them for a number of reasons. As babies, they are read to by their parents and when they are old enough, they learn to read by themselves and this is further encouraged by our Roundafire App. Let’s look at the benefits of reading for children, and how it can help them thrive.

Improves vocabulary:

Reading will greatly improve your child’s vocabulary as children’s stories contain new words and information that teach your child how to structure sentences correctly and use language effectively. Children who read are able to communicate well with others, putting them at a distinct advantage. They also usually perform better at school.

Practice makes perfect:

The more kids read, the better they get at it. This will stand in their favour throughout life, so keep reading!

Improves concentration:

Because reading requires kids to concentrate for extended periods of time, it will improve their general concentration span and this will benefit them in the classroom. Reading requires focus and this is a great skill to have!

Knowledge and Imagination:

One of the biggest benefits of reading is that it stimulates the imagination and introduces a whole new plethora of knowledge. Children who read are exposed to stories which cause their brains to translate descriptions of people, places and things into pictures. They read about things which they would not necessarily be exposed to normally and this increases their knowledge base. It also teaches children about the world around them.

Reading is a great form of entertainment:

Apart from all the educational benefits of reading, it is also a great form of entertainment and can be done anywhere, at any time! With our Roundafire App, your kids can read imaginative stories on the go, on devices that are small enough to fit into your pocket! Now there is no need for boredom with all the entertaining stories for kids to read and enjoy.

Exercises the brain:

Reading strengthens brain connections and is far healthier and stimulating than watching TV. It is a complex task for the brain, which results in livelier and smarter kids!

Relaxes body and mind:

These days, there is so much television and other media around which involves flashing lights and sounds, and this can be stressful for the mind. Reading is an activity that involves silence, so it therefore gives the mind and body an opportunity to relax and absorb information.

Regular readers become good writers and speakers:

Through reading, children learn grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and sentence syntax. These elements are the basics for speaking properly and writing good language.

Overall, reading is something that should be done from a very early age in order to really reap the benefits! Roundafire allows kids to enjoy reading in an easy-to-use and enjoyable manner, with a world of stories to explore!

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